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Exterior Home Improvements.

Windows & Siding

Scott Roofing's approach to window and siding installation was developed through years of experience assisting clients in selecting windows and siding types and styles to enhance the exterior of their home.

Exterior Home Improvements

Utilizing the talents of in house designers, Scott Roofing can draft, plan, and organize various small-scale home improvements such as porch additions, patio enclosures, and decks.  

The Scott Roofing name is all about knowledge and training.


Scott Roofing has long had a presence in the area, giving us the experience, knowledge, skill, and approach needed to successfully complete any project with confidence.


The Scott Roofing name is all about craft and workmanship.

Fully licensed and insured, Scott Roofing has developed a reputation of completing high quality work for our clients.


The Scott Roofing name is all about customer loyalty.

Along with free estimates, we pledge a 

5-year Workmanship Warranty on all home improvement projects of any size.

Please contact us to arrange an initial call, meeting or for a free estimate.

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// Covered Porch //
// Asphalt Roof //
Removal of existing asphalt roof and damaged wood sheathing, replaced with new sheathing and 25 year limited warranty fiberglass shingles.
// Copper Roof //
Furnish and installation of copper seam roofing on front porch.
// Copper Roof //
Furnish and installation of copper seam roofing on front porch.
// Porch Enclosure //
Initial site visit documenting existing dimensions, proposed floor plan, and client's overall desires for the design.
// Porch Enclosure //
One of the many technical and 2-D drawings shared with the client to help them visualize the plan, section, and elevation components of the porch enclosure design.
// Porch Enclosure //
Scaled elevation drawing conveying to the client the dimensional, material, and visual qualities of the proposed design.
// Porch Enclosure //
Completed porch enclosure design, with new windows, siding, fascia, and brick work all done to match the existing features of the home.
// Porch Enclosure + Deck Addition //
Rear porch enclosure completed with the furnishing and installation of new windows, siding, trim, and fascia.
// Asphalt Roof + Copper //
Furnish and installation of new asphalt roof and copper seam roofing on front bay window.
// Porch Roof //
New porch roof constructed to match the existing features and functionality of the home, providing much needed shaded outdoor deck space.
// Asphalt Roof + Siding //
Entire home exterior improvement with completely new asphalt roof, rear porch, windows, siding, and fascia installed to coordinate with the existing features of the home.


Specializing in residential and light commercial roofing, Scott Roofing strives to meet your needs in regards to a variety of any new roofing systems or repairs to residential and small-scale commercial buildings.