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Family. Experience. Results.

Stephen C. Scott.

Starting Scott Roofing in 1990, Steve is the owner and manager of Scott Roofing Contractor.  Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Steve oversees all of the projects undertaken and has a daily presence both in the office and on the construction site.  The Scott family has built this business on a strong foundation, and Steve has made it a priority to conduct business and manage projects with the utmost integrity and commitment.

The Scott Roofing Team.

Coming from various regions and backgrounds, the team has over 30 years of combined diverse experience working in the construction and remodeling industry of the Greater Central Pennsylvania area.  Our talented installation crew have a wide-range of knowledge in roofing, siding, window, and exterior remodeling, skills and expertise that results in high-quality work and craftsmanship.    

The Professional Team.

For over 20 years Scott Roofing has grown slowly, developing business and personal relationships with numerous knowledgeable, friendly and honest professionals.  Teaming with a strong group of committed professionals has resulted in providing every client with the best products, services, and work imaginable.  This professional network has enabled Scott Roofing to expand and thrive, benefiting both the clients and businesses involved.       

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